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If you are reading this you are already one step closer to help.

We all have people we can turn to, but sometimes our problems can feel out of control and it might be helpful to speak to someone objective with experience and specialist training in helping people with these kinds of issues.

I have helped many young people like you through a variety of problems such as emotional difficulties, eating, sleeping, behaviour problems, anxiety related problems including fears, phobias, panic and OCD. I can also help with depression and low mood and bereavement, family and parenting difficulties, adjustment after separation/divorce, school/education problems and neurodevelopmental difficulties.


Your first session will be your chance to discuss how you are feeling and together we can go through what you're comfortable talking about and work out a plan for you.

“I met Wendy during a difficult period in my life where I felt there was no one to turn to and explain the reasons behind my behaviour.  Not only was she incredibly approachable and easy to be around, she allowed me to be totally honest which was crucial for identifying the root cause and learning how to deal with it.  Spending the time to reflect in a safe environment was something I didn't think I needed, but has changed the way I approach anything adverse I now face in my life and has made me a far more open and honest person.  Often you need help and you don't know where or how to get it - having someone encourage me to see Wendy was something I'm incredibly grateful for..”


16 year old girl.